Hillsboro High School Alumni

Committee Members: 
Brenda Coryea, lbcoryea@embarqmail.com, 620-877-0222;
Cynthia Fleming, cfleming1105@gmail.com , 620-382-5550;
Kathy Decker, kadecker110@gmail.com, 620-877-0620;
Max Heinrichs, max.heinrichs@usd410.net, 620-947-0005;
Jim Hiebert, jimhiebert@hotmail.com, 904-377-0768;
Coleen Koop, coleenkoop@hotmail.com, 620-947-1925;
Brad Penner, darev55@yahoo.com, 620-532-1400;
Sandy Rigby, sandyraer@yahoo.com;
Sue Wadkins, Chairman, mikeandsue@kans.com, 620-382-7328

2021 All-School Reunion
The committee will be meeting to plan the reunion for 2021. We will plan to recognize the 5 and 10-year classes from 2020 and 2021. We will plan to meet with alumni from those classes in Spring of 2021 to give suggestions when they plan a reunion for their class.
Information about the 2021 reunion will be placed on the Alumni Associations Facebook page. The Facebook page is “Hillsboro KS High School Alumni Association.”

2020 All-School Reunion Canceled!
Given the increasing spread of COVID-19 in several states, along with constantly changing guidelines and travel restrictions, we sadly do not see a responsible way to conduct this year’s HHS Alumni Reunion.
Several factor’s led to the committee’s making this decision:
• Friday activities with the high school
• Limited number of persons allowed in a gathering
• Facemask requirements
• Social distancing
We know all of these issues can change frequently. A decision had to be made in a timely manner so we could notify you, the alumni.If you have questions or concerns, please email either kadecker110@gmail.com or cfleming1105@gmail.com.