Spirit Week

Here are the themes for Spirit Week next week. Remember, all clothing must be school appropriate!

Monday- "Mountains vs. Beach"- It's time to vacay! Wear your vacation outfit based on which location you enjoy the most!

Tuesday- "Generation Day"- Seniors will dress like grandparents, Juniors will dress like parents, Sophomores will dress like elementary students and Freshmen will dress like toddlers. Teachers will dress like high school students.

Wednesday- "Dream Team"- Dress up with a friend or gather a group. What is your dream team idea? The Avengers, a box of Crayons, Team USA, ketchup and mustard, right and left Twix?

Thursday- "Throwback Thursday" Choose the decade you would like to represent.

Friday- "Maroon and Gold" Show your school spirit and wear as much maroon and gold as possible to cheer on the Trojans!