Annaliese Jorgenson and Zander Haslett

Annaliese Jorgenson, a Junior at Hillsboro High School, is the daughter of Jeff and JoAnne Jorgenson.  Her favorite subject in school is computer science and her extracurricular activities include: tennis, golf, basketball stats, Stuco, fall musical, spring play, and spirit and celebration.  Annaliese’s hobbies include electric and acoustic guitar.  An interesting fact is that she can solve a rubix cube in less than one minute.  

Zander Haslett, son of Jeff and Collette Haslett, is also a Junior at Hillsboro High School.  His favorite subject is math and he plays football, basketball, and baseball.  He enjoys sports and weightlifting outside of school.  An interesting fact about Zander is that his favorite video game is Rocket League.