SNC Singing Valentines

Hillsboro High School's select vocal group Spirit-N-Celebration will be performing Singing Valentines on February 14 as a fundraiser for their annual trip to sing in Kansas City. The group will be offering a selection of songs to be sung to your Valentine ($10), along with a choice of add-ons for an additional price. Add-ons offered are a single rose, balloon sculptures, or a cookie. The group will perform all Valentines on February 14 between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.  Please note:  Valentines cannot be delivered to individual students in USD 410 during school hours.   Singing Valentines can be ordered from any Spirit-N-Celebration member or by placing an order in person in the high school office by Friday, February 10. Phone orders to the office will not be accepted. Payment must accompany the order.  Prices and a list of Spirit-N-Celebration members can be found below.