Excel Layoffs - Layoffs were announced Aug. 29 at Excel Industries in Hesston.
about 2 years ago, Pati Funk
Excel layoffs
Congratulations to the Trojan volleyball team for placing 3rd in the pre-season Central Kansas League tournament
about 2 years ago, Activities Director
First BreakoutEdu winners of the year!Whitehouse Heist—problem solving with important government documents. U.S. Government, Class of 2020!
about 2 years ago, Darrel Knoll
Jacob, Thelma, Hunter, Dayton
Tiffany, Victoria, Ava, & Faith!
Eighth graders are researching foot ankle orthotic devices for people with cerebral palsy. They will build a prototype based on eight criteria.
about 2 years ago, Dennis Boldt
8th Grade Students
First team night of the season! Bring a chair and snack, play games, do homework, or just relax. The HHS football team takes time to get together once a week.
about 2 years ago, Dennis Boldt
HHS Football Team Night.
Elementary therapy dog Murphy ready for his first Monday at school.
about 2 years ago, Jacob Denholm
Therapy Dog Murphy
Back to school, Juniors and Seniors are ready.
about 2 years ago, Dennis Boldt
Juniors and Seniors
Mrs. Wiebe’s class did an experiment called the lemon reaction. Here are some pictures from the experiment.
about 2 years ago, Dennis Boldt
Mrs. Ollenburger getting things in order for the school year sorting letters for Pathways small groups.
about 2 years ago, Dennis Boldt
Mrs. Ollenburger
First Day in Third Grade!
about 2 years ago, Dennis Boldt
First Day
First Day